LUX: Building a small empire of drums, synth, songs

Published in the Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader, March 13, 2015
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Ivy Schulte and Jake Wesley Rogers.

Ivy Schulte and Jake Wesley Rogers.

“At first it’s terrifying using a computer onstage. Everyone can relate to how computers cannot be reliable sometimes,” (Jake) Rogers said, adding that operator error also can cause unpleasant surprises. It’s just a matter of learning from experience, he said.

“Now I think a computer is one of the most powerful musical instruments there is. You can do anything,” he said.

Looking ahead, Rogers and (Ivy) Schulte have a few goals for their music: Make an EP, play festivals, keep writing songs and play music full time.

“I think it’s attainable for us,” Schulte said, putting on a little grin. “We just have to keep building our small empire.”

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