Dreams, decisions determine Tara Lynn’s musical path

Published in the Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader, March 26, 2015
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Tara Lynn

(Tara) Lynn said people often approach her at shows to thank her for performing a certain song that moves them. “There’s a girl who comes with her mom to the shows, and she has my entire set list on her iPod. She comes to almost every show.”

This kind of response validates the music, even though the songs are covers, Lynn said, rejecting the charge that performing other people’s songs is a lesser form of art than original music. She described her repertoire as the songs she’s singing in lieu of the songs she’ll write some day.

“There are different people who hear the music. Even if it’s not mine, it’s the songs that I’ve brought to them, and they’re listening to those words. And I will argue that till my dying day,” she said.

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