Blues festival seeks ‘the lift up, the saving grace’

Published in the Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader, Xxxx XX, 2015
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Janiva Magness

Janiva Magness

Blues musicians often face authenticity tests: what they play, how they play it, and, in some cases, what they endure.

Gauged on the endurance scale, there’s no doubt that Janiva Magness has a right to sing the blues.

Losing both parents to suicide, shuttling through foster homes, homeless in between, giving up a baby for adoption — all by the age of 17 — and ultimately picking up the pieces and moving forward in life and music. …

“The lift up, the saving grace — one of the only places where there was light in my life — was through the music,” she said. “It took me out of my current reality, which was pretty dark and pretty painful.”

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