Out of Eden goes social, eating fruit of the tree of rock

Published in the Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader, Feb. 27, 2015
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Tiffany René Ellis of Out of Eden. Photo credit: Chet Smith

Tiffany René Ellis of Out of Eden. Photo credit: Chet Smith

Last Friday, as forecasts proclaimed a descent into an icy hell, Out of Eden made an offer on Facebook: The first 10 people through the door at Cody’s South would receive a free can of de-icer.

This kind of timely, quirky engagement with fans is part of the plan for the omnivorous cover band, guitarist Rus Weatherby said.

“We’re looking for ways, like the de-icer, as crazy as that was, to get one-on-one with our fans,” he said. On March 7 at Cartoons, they plan to pause in the middle of a set to ask listeners to take an instant poll on Facebook to determine the next song. They also hand out free tickets with perks for any show, and they want to try a flash mob if they can find the right place and clear legal hurdles, he said.

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