Why hire me?

Work blog: See excerpts and links to my most recent work.
Work samples: See selected works archived here: Writing  •  Editing  •  Photography

Résumé: Link or PDF

You need a confident consultant
who understands what you want

Someone who listens, asks questions and thinks critically. You need an advocate in your corner who works independently and suggests solutions if a project takes an unexpected turn. You need a detail-oriented word specialist who also grasps the big picture. You need a pro who understands deadlines and word counts.

Experience with words

Interviewing: Major generals, chefs, hospital administrators, theater directors, bank executives, autism moms, tattoo artists, winemakers, and self-proclaimed zombie-girl riot rockers.

Writing: News, features and profiles on a host of topics. Accustomed to wading into new areas that require research.

Editing: Consult with authors. Edit articles in AP, Chicago and APA styles. Collaborate with designers for best presentation of text and visuals. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Track record: Work blog   Writing samples   Editing samples

Experience in photography

Editorial: Covering events, finding distinctive faces, showing information.

Food: Dining profiles executed in challenging lighting at restaurants.

Performance: Finding the right moment.

Track record: Photography

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